Transition period RDNAPTRANS™2018 extended

26 augustus 2020

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RDNAPTRANS™2018 including the new geoid based on the NEVREF research project was published August 2019. The introduction of the accompanying new ETRS89-realisation ETRF2000(R14) was planned for spring 2020. 

Planned measurements for the end of 2020

The combined effect of the new geoid and the new ETRS89 realisation is a difference in height that can reach more than 4 cm in some parts of the Netherlands. The most likely cause for the larger than expected difference in height is the chosen method of transformation of the geoid from ITRS to ETRS89.  See “Presentatie3” at NCG-studiedag for more information. Measurements planned for the end of 2020 have to clarify whether RDNAPTRANS™2018 and ETRS89 realisation ETRF2000(R14) result in an improved connection to the Dutch vertical datum NAP.

Extension of the transition period

After consultation of representatives from the Dutch workfield, the NSGI decided to extend the transition period between RDNAPTRANS™2008 and RDNAPTRANS™2018 to October 1, 2021 and to maintain the current ETRS89 realisation ETRF2000(R05). 

Advice for different user groups

  • users requiring a high level of accuracy in height should keep on using RDNAPTRANS™2008
  • all other users are advised to switch to RDNAPTRANS™2018

More information and advice can be found in Dutch on page Coördinatentransformatie.